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Music. It’s everywhere.

It drives content across the web and on television. In corporate offices and advertising agencies. On YouTube, at sporting events, in theatres and on-demand via your personal cell phone.

From six-second pre-roll videos to three-hour feature films…and everything in between…filmmakers and brands always have a use for compelling music

We let you get creative…while we keep you legal; we’re The Sync Center.

The Sync Center is a collaborative music supervision and rights clearance agency. Trusted by Fortune 50 companies, independent filmmakers, advertisers, networks, brand agencies, YouTubers and major film studios.

Music powers content, we power music.




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Each time music is attached to moving pictures, a sync license is required… from the YouTube cover video to the most recent film blockbuster, from the editing suite to the “C-suite.”


End to end project collaboration. Creative song selection, budget management and maximization, all negotiations, and final sync legal clearance agreements.


Technology, media, and the world are constantly evolving. In light of this, our expertise in music synchronization, once important, is now essential.


Technology and media are constantly evolving. Each day reveals a new video channel, a new content source…and more and more music is being used.

– Video game industry hits $23.5B in 2015 

More independent films released in 2017 than ever before 

More monthly visitors to YouTube than Facebook & Twitter  in 2017 

– Over 22 hours of online video a week watched by young people 

90% of all internet traffic will be video-driven by 2020


From Fortune 50 companies to the independent filmmaker, to the agency and technology start-up. You get creative; we get you legal. In budget and on time.

23+years of sync Relationships

We have long and steady history of successful partnerships with record labels, corporate brands and publishers.

Budget Management

 We work hard to help our clients work within a wide range of budgets and maintain a priority on fiscal stability. 





We seek the most strategic structure and mutually beneficial arrangement between clients, creators, and industry partners.

LegAl Agreements

We keep you legal and protect your art as we help to navigate the licensing, contracts, mechanical rights, and necessary clearances.


Most projects have very specific air dates and launch targets; our team helps you line up your assets and make your deadlines.


We assist throughout the production process – from initial song selections and the creative process through the final cue sheet submissions and to financial settlements.


John Pisciotta

John Pisciotta

Sync Manager


Leon Luis

Leon Luis

Sync Partner UK

+6 (039) 91883

Geoff Sanderson

Geoff Sanderson

Clearance Partner


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much for Song X?

Each time the song is licensed for use, each use is individually negotiated. We don’t SET the actual price. We do NEGOTIATE on your behalf. It doesn’t serve our clients well to simply throw numbers out randomly. The value of a song will vary greatly depending upon its use and popularity.

We assemble and review 20+ data points with the client; this process assembles a reasonable offer for the use. With this, the rights holders with whom we negotiate can clearly view the scope of the use. We can show you sync ranges. See below. However, we can’t set the actual price.

What are the costs of each sync license?

There are 2 parts to this question. One is our clearance service, and the other is the actual price of the song itself, the publisher(s) and record label. You can reach to our team to get specifics.

How long does it take?

From start to finish sync licenses take 5 to 7 weeks. Depending on parties responding quickly. Additionally, we do have an expedited service that we make available for a quick turnaround.

We have an air date in two weeks, is it too late?

Not at all, we do have an expedited service that we use often for quick turnaround projects.

What is the expedited service how does it work?

Filmmakers and producers can often forget about music until the last minute of production. The expedited service allows us to fast-track your project. Think of it like a big red flashing light on your project.

Your project goes to the front of the line and everybody works on it together, it’s the most important project we’re working on until it is completed. Feel free to reach out to our licensing team to learn more.

Do you facilitate other license types?

Yes, beyond sync licenses, we facilitate grand-rights, mechanical licenses for cover songs and blended new media uses.

Where are you based?

We are headquartered in Nashville with satellites in London and Los Angeles.

Can you work internationally?

Yes, we work internationally every day of the year

Can a licensor say No?

Yes, if your use includes tobacco or has a NC-17 rating, rights holders can deny a request.

Help! We have spent all our budget in production, is there anything you can do to help us?

Yikes! Reach out to our licensing team.

Can you help with music budgeting for our investors?

Yes, we work closely with producers to manage the music spend.

Do you have an ongoing consulting service?

Yes, feel free to reach out to our licensing team.

Can you music supervise our project?

Let’s talk, reach out to our licensing team.

Can you help with song replacement?

Yes, often the well-known hit song is out of budget, we have options for song replacement. We work on this often. Take a series like Dawson’s Creek. The music was originally cleared for terrestrial cable television. Netflix had not been invented yet so the online streaming use wasn’t even a consideration.

Once Netflix was up and running, all the music used in original Dawson’s Creek had to be re-licensed for online streaming uses. This is why some of the original music is different from what you hear currently on Netflix. This essentially is what happens in song replacement. We work on your behalf, within the budget you have, to get the music you need.

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